Mission Statement

Building and Strengthening Underserved Communities through Healthcare, Education and Volunteerism.

About LMV

Los Médicos Voladores (LMV), Spanish for “The Flying Doctors”, is a volunteer-based, non-religious, non-profit organization that aims to improve the health and well-being of geographically diverse peoples through education and the provision of no-cost, high-quality medical, dental, and optometric clinics.  LMV serves Mexico, Central and South America, under-served populations in California and internationally. Since 1975 LMV has offered more than 500 short-term medical, dental, optometry, and other healthcare clinics, treating over 7,000 patients per year.

Los Médicos Voladores conducts three types of clinics, with travel arrangements varying by location. Clinic locations in California are reached by car or private aircraft. Clinics conducted in rural Northern Mexico are reached by private aircraft. Locations in South, Central America and internationally are traveled to by commercial flights.

Who We Are

We are a Northern California based nonprofit organization of medical professionals, pilots and volunteers dedicated to providing free medical, optometric, dental and other care services to the villages throughout Northern Mexico, California and Internationally.  With harsh living conditions and usually sparse health care facilities, LMV is often the difference between a healthy existence and life plagued by disease and hardship.

How We Help

Each month, LMV teams of physicians, dentists, nurses, hygienists, pilots, interpreters and general volunteers fly into remote areas of Mexico to spend four days providing free health care services.  The lines are long, expectations are high and the challenges are significant.  We often bring portable equipment with us and work into the night diagnosing and treating an incredible array of medical, dental and vision conditions.  And while many people are helped, the line of patients we were unable to serve when we leave is still usually long.  Those who could not be treated are comforted by the guarantee that LMV will be back.

In addition to our monthly visits, The Flying Doctors are also dedicated to improving the long-term health of the people of real Mexico with dental and educational programs.  Using contributions, and donated equipment and supplies we help equip clinics and educational facilities in the communities we serve.  This allows us to better diagnose, treat and provide ongoing care for the seriously ill.

LMV often joins other organizations, such as the Lions, Rotary and the Buddhist organization Tzu Chi, to staff clinics in California.  The vast majority of transient farm workers that raise and harvest the crops across the southern and central valleys live and work among us but have no medical or social assistance for themselves or their families. Other citizen members of our state are working without medical coverage or coverage that is still inadequate.  There is no patient cost for any services we provide.

Since the California clinics do not involve foreign travel nor rely on small airplanes, they provide opportunities to provide care without the stress and cost of international travel.  An appealing concept for the first time participants or those who cannot afford the longer trips.

How You Can Help

To expand our services to more villages in need, we are seeking dedicated healthcare professionals, pilots, translators and general volunteers to join our team.  We encourage you to attend one of our meetings (Meeting Calendar) and learn more about who we are, how we work and how you can be a neighbor helping neighbors.  The difference you can make is significant and immediate – your satisfaction comes from the weathered smile of an old man, the glowing face of a little girl or the heartfelt handshake of a grateful parent.

If you are ready for adventure while helping our neighbors receive quality health care, please  Contact us for more information.