Education: Animated Videos in Spanish

At Los Médicos Voladores we value education as a critical element of comprehensive healthcare. We conduct information sessions and provide education videos such as the ones below.

Want to Create a DVD from some of these videos? See Instructions below.


Nutrition, Obesity, Diet, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol


Flossing, Cavities, Brushing

More Children's Videos

Instructions on Creating a DVD

  • purchase writable DVD-Rs (e.g. see Amazon)
  • download a DVD burning software program such as IMGBURN (mac or windows)  (IMGBURN YouTube tutorial here) or iDVD (mac) (iDVD YouTube tutorial here)
  • create a New Folder on your PC or Mac
  • download one or more of the Attachments below to the Folder you created
  • Follow the instructions in the IMGBURN/iDVD tutorial (each DVD will take ~30 minutes to burn)

Note: if your DVD player reads media other than a DVD (e.g. thumb drive, USB stick, SD memory card), it's much easier than creating a DVD. In this happy event, simply right-mouse one or more of the Attachments below and Save Target As to that media device).