Thank you for your interest in joining Los Médicos Voladores (LMV), The Flying Doctors, est.1975. We are a small 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides Medical Mission Trips to remote areas of California, Mexico & Haiti providing, at a minimum, dental, medical & vision care for people in need.

Los Médicos Voladores is volunteer membership-run organization that depends on your tax deductible membership/donations to continue providing clinics for areas most in need. The funds raised through your membership /donations go directly to program support as there isn’t a payroll at LMV. Imagine that, in this day and age of huge corporate executive salaries? 

Once we have all your information and you are officially a member, LMV will send you your name badge which is required at all LMV sponsored clinics. 

So, take that next step, join LMV with your tax-deductible donation and let’s get you moving, whether it be stateside, or on a trip to help others, we need you, and more importantly, the people we serve need you! 


Roles Our Members Serve:

Medical Professionals

General and family practitioners, pediatricians, and obstetricians and gynecologists are


Role of Pilots in LMV

LMV volunteer pilots make our Mexico and California programs possible.



Nearly all of our trips include a dentistry component


Spanish Language Translators

Each of our clinic trips requires at least one Spanish-language translator


Healthcare Support Professionals on LMV Trips

LMV places significant value on the contributions of healthcare support professionals


Optometry and Ophthalmology

All of our clinics have a high demand for optometry and ophthalmology services.


General Volunteers

General volunteers do everything on LMV trips from equipment sterilization, to generator more…

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