Thank you for your interest in joining Los Médicos Voladores (LMV), The Flying Doctors, est.1975. We are a small 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides Medical Mission Trips to remote areas of California, Mexico & Haiti providing, at a minimum, dental, medical & vision care for people in need.

Los Médicos Voladores is volunteer membership-run organization that depends on your tax deductible membership/donations to continue providing clinics for areas most in need. The funds raised through your membership /donations go directly to program support as there isn’t a payroll at LMV. Imagine that, in this day and age of huge corporate executive salaries? 

Once we have all your information and you are officially a member, LMV will send you your name badge which is required at all LMV sponsored clinics. 

So, take that next step, join LMV with your tax-deductible donation and let’s get you moving, whether it be stateside, or on a trip to help others, we need you, and more importantly, the people we serve need you! 


Roles Our Members Serve:

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