Donations of Medical & Dental Equipment and Supplies

LMV Needs Dental and Medical Supplies & Equipment
Find contacts for your donations of supplies and equipment.
Pick-up may be available 


Planned Gifts

Your planned gift may:
Reduce your income tax and capital gains liability;
Provide useful gift tax and estate tax reductions; and
Provide an income stream for yourself and others.


Financial Information

LMV is a small non-profit volunteer-run charity. There are no staff on payroll, very little overhead. Meaning, your dollars go to direct support as you indicate. All patients are seen for free.


Make a Donation to Los Médicos Voladores

SUPPORT LMV WITH A ONE-TIME OR MONTHLY DONATION LMV consistently goes into areas with little to no medical or dental care and treats patients with dramatic and often life-impacting results. The medical mission teams provide medical & dental services, medicines, more…

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