To our Los Médicos Voladores family:


Thanks to all of you who have reached out to us during these uncertain times. We are proud of our LMV volunteers who are helping in numerous ways both locally and internationally. 


LMV has also committed to enhancing response efforts in the areas we serve abroad and here at home where possible. To support our local healthcare workers, LMV has donated Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to USA frontline responders who are in need. 


For our volunteers:

Currently we are on hiatus in regard to trips originally scheduled for 2020, but be assured, as soon as it is safe for us to do so we will again get to traveling to help others. Notices will be sent out when we get the all clear. 


During this time LMV is continuing to provide care and support for our local international Haiti, El Salvador and Mexico nurses and doctors. Though our LMV volunteers are not there to provide medical and dental staff and equipment, our local partners on the ground, are continuing to provide services.  An example of such, is Nurse Nathalie who is continuing to take Plumpy Nut nutrition packs to the malnourished children in S.E. Haiti. Please consider donating to help us to provide medical and nutrition supplies to our international partners, they are urgently needed. Donate Here


If you are a frontline worker, please share your stories with us. We want to connect and know you are well, as well as help spread the word about the positive difference you are making in your community.


We invite you to visit a brief Covid-19 presentation provided by our Chief Medical Officer, Jonathan Kahn, M.D. “An Ounce of Prevention” . You will find valuable information and links to continue learning about this virus. 


Stay safe and stay well,

Stacy Gradman, Managing Director

Los Médicos Voladores

[email protected]

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