Jenny Benton & Maira Velasco

“The trip was fantastic and the clinic ran beautifully. Our pilot was excellent and we felt very confident flying with him. We can’t wait to go on another LMV trip!”, Jenny Benton & Maira Velasco, dental hygienists

Adrian Fenderson

“From the second I finish and get home, I start planning the next trip. It’s a real adventure setting up small clinics. You reap rewards of the heart,” Adrian Fenderson, DDS

Bob Horvath

“When you donate to the LMV cause, the fruits of your labor smile back at you,” Bob Horvath, pilot

Joy Koch

“I’d do another LMV trip at the drop of a hat! Having never flown in a private plane before, I was a bit nervous. But the professionalism of our pilot made the entire trip a complete joy,” Dr. Johanna Koch, MD

Rob Lober

“These trips to Mexico have broadened my perspective about the definition of a good lifestyle,” Rob Lober, pilot

Tom Hogan

“Of all the organizations and charities I’ve been associated with, LMV definitely is the most rewarding experience,” Tom Hogan, volunteer

Michael Martinez

“By nature, I’m not the type to volunteer. But four days in Mexico with LMV had a discernible effect on me. It felt better and more rewarding than a week on the beach in Hawaii. I will definitely return,” Michael Martinez, volunteer