Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Dental Hygienists, & Dental Assistants are needed on most of the LMV trips since a dentistry component is usually included at each clinic. The absence of services in the remote areas LMV serves, combined with lack of dental hygiene education, and a diet high in sugar foods keeps the LMV dental team busy.


Dentists will need to bring supplies and tools with them on trips. In most cases LMV will provide a full dental kit to take. Many times LMV has items donated, but in certain cases dental professionals may be reimbursed for needed supplies you purchase in advance with LMV approval. Additionally, LMV can help to raise funds or collect donated supplies before the trip starts. You may also wish to refer to our sample dental supplies packing list.


All dental professionals, including dental hygienists will be required have a verifiable current/valid license to practice in California for California Clinics, or for any state in the US, or other country for International Clinics, including Mexico. Dental assistants must have documentation of training. 


Further questions? Contact our Chief Dental Professional or your nearest LMV chapter.