General volunteers do everything on LMV trips from equipment sterilization, to generator maintenance, intake record keeping, photography, or report writing. Even with no healthcare training, the healthcare volunteers on your team may teach you to assist them by handing them instruments, holding a flashlight to help a dentist see inside a patient’s mouth, or do any of the other dozens of tasks required to help a clinic trip run smoothly on the ground.

Because our clinics require foremost the volunteer assistance of healthcare professionals, interpreters, and (for Mexico and Oasis trips) pilots, and because team sizes are limited, we may not have space on a trip immediately for you as a general volunteer. Contributing your time and energy as an administrative volunteer (see below) will help give you additional knowledge that may make you more valuable as a general volunteer on a trip, so consider volunteering for the appropriate LMV chapter if you are able. Otherwise, please do let your trip coordinator know you’re interested in continuing to be considered for a trip, and s/he will place you on a team as soon as circumstances permit.

Further questions? Ask your trip coordinator to put you in touch with one of our experienced general volunteers, or contact your nearest LMV chapter.

Please note that as with all trip participants, general volunteers pay a trip fee that varies according to the location of the clinic. Please visit our trip signup page for more information.


All of LMV’s work is made possible by the leadership and support of the administrative volunteers in each chapter and at the central “corporate” level – our chapter board members, fundraiser event organizers, newsletter editors, membership roster-keepers, and other members who attend meetings and support LMV in myriad ways.

Every LMV chapter has administrative openings that change periodically. For the most updated openings, see the Chapter Officers & Administration sections of our chapter pages.