General / family physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians, and gynecologists are the medical specializations the villages we serve request most frequently, but we do have occasional need for those with other specializations, such as otolaryngologists, cardiologists, etc. We also welcome nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants.


Our work in remote areas often prevent us from having access to lab services or from coordinating anything more than basic patient follow-up with local providers where they exist. The Los Médicos Voladores medical team bring with them all or most of the equipment, supplies, and medications needed for a clinic.


All physicians are required carry malpractice coverage. If retired, you may qualify for free or significantly reduced retirement tail while doing volunteer work. Check with your insurance provider.


All medical professionals, including nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants will be required have a verifiable current/valid license to practice in California for California Clinics, or for any state in the US, or other country for International Clinics, including Mexico. Nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants must be have an LMV physician present while treating patients or immediately reachable by phone. 


All medical professionals should have their own basic examination tools available, i.e. stethoscope, and basic medical bag equipment. Additionally, non-expired donations of medications are WELCOME, antibiotics, over the counter pain reliever/ fever reducer, decongestants, Diabetes supplies, and more. Mexico authorities will not allow expired medications to be brought in the country for clinics. 


If you are a resident or intern and would like to volunteer but lack the funds to do so, LMV may cover some of, or all of your trip fee using available Angel Funds, and, depending on the clinic location, you may qualify for our Resident’s Fund.


Further questions? Contact our Chief Healthcare Professional or your nearest LMV chapter.