All of our clinics have a high demand for optometry and ophthalmology services. Most residents of the villages we serve have no access to local eye care, and lack the money or ability to travel the often great distances to the nearest clinic. There’s no greater joy than helping a child who’s having trouble in school because they can’t see, or an older person who has trouble doing close-up work. You can see the delight on the people’s faces when we give them a pair of glasses on the spot.

Optometrists need to bring eye charts and any other tools or instruments you will need on a trip. LMV owns an auto-refractor which is available to take on any trip, but which must be requested in advance from your LMV trip coordinator. LMV supplies approximately 120 pairs of glasses for each Mexico clinic, either newly purchased or obtained through our Used Eyeglasses Program. For our Latin America trips we supply approximately 600 pairs of new reading glasses in addition to the prescription glasses obtained through our Used Eyeglasses Program.

Further questions? Contact our Chief Healthcare Professional or your nearest LMV chapter.